At the end of their service life cycle, document imaging systems from Savin enter Ricoh's remanufacturing program. The remanufacturing process allows us to recycle nearly all of the materials in these products and keeps our systems out of landfills. It also prevents them from being shipped overseas for improper disposal in nations where environmental regulations are not as strict. (Savin is firmly opposed to this practice, often referred to as “exporting harm,” which is unfortunately common in this and many other industries.)

When scrap systems enter our remanufacturing program, they are sent to one of our recycling centers in the U.S. They are then disassembled, processed and separated into commodity streams of steel, aluminum, copper, other metals, and plastics. These materials are sent to other approved recyclers for conversion into new, usable resources.

By using state-of-the-art technology, our remanufacturing facilities have improved the average rate of recovery from between 30 and 60% up to 95% of total equipment weight.