The use of mobile devices is expanding in a wide range of business environments. More mobile devices mean more users requiring access to documents anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Printing

Print photographs and document

Using your smart device, you can accurately select and print photographs while previewing the selections. You can also print Microsoft Office and PDF documents.

Print Web pages

You can also easily print web pages found when doing Web searches with a smart device.

Print data from cloud storage

Via a smart device, it is possible to print documents and photographs saved in cloud storage.




Save Scan in smart device

Using the scanner of a multifunction product, it is possible to save paper documents on a smart device as scanned data, so documents are readily available.

Save in cloud storage

Send scanned data to cloud storage. Since the data can then be accessed from PCs and other smart devices.

Save from "Import with Scanner"

Data saved on the smart device can be accessed in the "Scan Data Folder".

RICOH Smart Device Print & Scan App

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