How Do You Know it is Time to Upgrade Your Copier Versus Just Needing a Maintenance Call?

How Do You Know it is Time to Upgrade Your Copier Versus Just Needing a Maintenance Call?

We have received this call multiple times. You need a service call on an older machine. You love your machine and you do not want to get rid of the machine. You own the machine and do not want to upgrade to a new machine, but the parts are not available. We will help you answer the questions of whether you need a new machine or just a simple maintenance call.

You might need a maintenance call if you are experiencing streaky lines, your machine is making noises and having printing issues, and connectivity issues. The streaky lines can be caused by multiple different scenarios, the first one is that the toner might be defective and leaking toner causing the excess toner to fall onto the rollers putting streaks on the pages.

It could also be that the fusing unit is having an issue or the imaging unit is not functioning properly. All of which can be solved with a simple call to our service department and they will dispatch a technician to your location as soon as possible. If the toner is defective it could be that the toner is either leaking or if you received the toner from an unauthorized source that it was a possible toner pirate.


If your machine is making noise you probably just need a service call since it is most likely a part needs to be changed out. Since there are so many moving parts in the copiers it is possible that one of the rollers or other parts in the machine is worn down from age or use. No matter what the noise is we would be able to take care of that for you.

There are multiple times when you might need to replace your machine. Some of those reasons are the parts are hard to find, toner cannot be found, technologically out of date. We all know that you love your copier and trust the brand. That copier has been known to get the job done when you are printing invoices or presentations for a client. Sometimes even though your copier might need a simple service call the machine might be old enough where the parts are no longer available.

When this is the case we let you know and one of our knowledgeable representatives will help you out selecting a new machine to fit your needs. Finding toner for your machine can be an issues sometimes as well which would result in you needing to upgrade your machine. If the machine is old enough toner can either be discontinued or at a premium price that it is not worth the expense to buy the toner.

 The last issue is the most pressing issue. As our technology advances sometimes the older technology is no longer compatible with new software. For instance, you are trying to scan a document to your folder, but due to the upgrades that are done to your network or computer, your copier can not scan to folder or it keeps scanning to an old file. In this scenario we would have one of our representatives help you find a machine that best fits your needs and your environment. This also could be a simple IT service call and we could either come out to your location or fix the issue remotely.