Will Your Fiery Production Server Be Secure in 2020?  Better Check Now!

Will Your Fiery Production Server Be Secure in 2020?  Better Check Now!


There are a great number of companies that will be exposed to security vulnerabilities from their leased or owned production devices if they do not act quickly on this information.  Some of the unforeseen Windows 7 devices in a company are the Fiery controllers attached to their Production printer/copiers.  Often equipped with FACI kits (Screen, Keyboard, Mouse), some operators use browser-based tools from the Fiery itself.  Without the Patches and Security updates that Microsoft provides, a seemingly normal act by a designer or operator could result in disaster for a company, should that security weakness be exploited.  The problem is that these Production devices may not be that old, and still have several years left on their leases. 


I am finding that many of our competitors have either been unaware, or have not been conscientious about reaching out to their base with this information.


If you have a Ricoh family (Ricoh / Savin / Lanier) production Printer with an EFI Fiery controller, check the controller to see if it is running Windows 7.  ISBS may be able to help you.  As of April 10th, the upgrade kits for the E-43 and E-83 controllers are still available.  However, since the printers those controllers belong to have been updated with new series, no further upgrade kits are being produced for them.  It is a limited supply.  First come, first served.


If you own or lease a competitive Fiery-driven unit such as a Canon, Xerox, or KM Production device, check the operating system.  If it is Windows 7, check for upgrade kit availability with your vendor. 


If upgrade kits are not available, there may be other alternatives besides buying out your lease and upgrading your printer.  Reach out to us.  As a leading provider of both Network Security in the Chicagoland area and experts in Print Production, we can help!


ISBS can help you with all your Production needs.  Come in today and see our lineup of award-winning Production devices, including the amazing 5th Color digital press, the Pro C7210x!


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