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Document Management in Chicago

Fast Document Management Systems for Chicago Business

Office equipment today has never been better at managing, sharing and securing large amounts of important data. These modern improvements effect how the speed and efficiency of business moves in our modern world. These benefits transfer into huge cost savings for offices and the staff that effectively use them. How efficiently you process, route and retrieve your documents can have a great impact on your company’s overall productivity and operating costs. ISBS’s document management systems let you do all of the above faster than ever before. See these pages for more details:

Workflow Automation

With ISBS’s workflow automation solution, you can:

  • Create and organize workflow steps with a drag-and-drop interface
  • Connect various activities according to logic
  • Set up queues, security parameters and notifications for different users to ensure compliance and productivity

Automated Capture

ISBS also offers a first-rate automated capture solution. It gives you the ability to:

  • Capture documents from an extremely wide range of sources, including MFPs, emails and network directories
  • Extract and validate data from your captured documents with exceptional efficiency and accuracy
  • Search and edit your converted documents easily
  • Distribute your electronic documents to various locations quickly

Managed IT Services

People interested in our document management solutions may also benefit from our managed IT services:

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