Interactive Whiteboards and Smart Boards in Chicago

Interactive Whiteboard Smart Board Chicago

Advanced smart board and interactive whiteboard products source in Chicago for today's office professionals. ISBS Corp is your source for the latest communication technology that allows you to swipe, enlarge and shrink your displays for exceptional collaboration. We live in an age where you can pass information at the speed of light. Chicago offices call ISBS for the latest business technology.

Create and Present Exceptional Content - Smart Boards

When you need to collaborate with several people in numerous locations, ISBS’s interactive whiteboards (also known as smart boards) can make it effortless.

What Can You Do with ISBS’s Interactive Whiteboards?

With one of ISBS’s interactive whiteboards (smart boards), you can:

Deliver More Vivid Presentations

Our devices are extremely easy to use. You won’t need to learn any software or get an IT pro to set them. You can connect to them via a wide range of devices, including:

  • PC/Mac
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • USB flash drives

You’ll be able to make your images and ideas more vivid and impressive. Our whiteboards’ high-definition LCD screens will give your text and images the sharp lines and subtle details they’ll need to stand out.

Tailor Your Messages to Different Audiences

Thanks to the advanced touch sensors of our whiteboards, ideas can flow from your mind and hand to the screen. Using either your finger or a felt-tipped pen, you can draw, write, make different edits and add markings with ease (clients who need especially high precision can use special pen sensor kits).

Collaborate with Others Better

ISBS’s interactive whiteboards give you exceptional opportunities for collaboration. You can connect remotely with as many as 20 users via:

  • Compatible whiteboards
  • Compatible projectors
  • PC/Mac
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

As soon as you make a mark or an edit, everyone who’s connected can see it instantly. You can make brainstorming sessions more flexible, engaging and productive.

More Office Technologies

ISBS has many more technologies to improve how you handle information:

  • Our Laser Printers deliver great-looking pages quickly and with minimal waste.
  • Our Document Scanners allow you to convert paper documents to digital formats with outstanding efficiency.
  • Our Multifunction Copiers give you fantastic opportunities for multitasking.
  • Our Mobile Print/Scan solution lets you access, route and produce documents wherever and whenever the need arises.
  • Quickly and easily retrieving and sharing your data requires a modern document management systems.
  • The ISBS cloud security solution means rock-solid encryption for important data.
  • Having a cloud backup solution ensures all data is safely secured off-site.
  • Modern cloud computing services allows your company to avoid the headaches of maintaining your own servers.

To discuss how any of our products and solutions can enhance your productivity,