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Request Support from ISBS

Having trouble with your hardware or network? ISBS is here to help. We offer fast, thorough printer and IT support.

In lots of cases, you won’t even need to wait for a technician to come to your office. Our ScreenConnect software allows us to provide comprehensive remote support. You can start a support session directly from:

  • Your desktop or laptop
  • Your system tray
  • Your Apple or Android device

What ISBS Can Do with Remote Support

ISBS’s resources allow us to do:

Real-Time Chats

Our technicians can chat with numerous callers at a single time. You can know exactly what they’re doing and get answers to your questions quickly.

File Transfers

ISBS’s techs can send and receive documents during a call in order to resolve your issues faster.

Two-Way Screen Sharing

ScreenConnect allows ISBS’s technicians to see exactly what you’re seeing. You can share your screen with our team so we can understand your problem quickly.

Multiple Live Sessions

No excessive wait times to get your issues dealt with. Each of our support technicians can support multiple customers at a time on their computer.

Support for iMac, Windows and Mobile Devices

ISBS can provide live remote support for all PC, iMac and mobile device users.

Session Transfers and Reporting

If they need to, our support techs can transfer sessions to another professional efficiently. They also leave detailed notes or recordings of sessions so others can understand what happened during a call.


If we need to, we can restart your computer remotely. Once it does, you’ll reconnect to the support session automatically.

Request Support

To request support from ISBS, go to the appropriate page:

IT Support

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