Infrastructure As A Service

Four business people using computers or phones connected by cloud

Get Powerful, Scalable Solutions for Your OS and Apps

ISBS takes great pride in helping clients discover new ways to lower their operating costs and maximize productivity. Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution is a great example.

We can connect you with cloud-based support for your operating systems and software. You’ll be able to handle data better and work more easily day in and day out.

Benefits of IaaS from ISBS

ISBS’s IaaS solution gives you opportunities for:

Creating Environments for Testing and Developing Apps

When you’re in the business of developing applications, getting them to market quickly is everything. ISBS can enable you to set up environments where you can develop and test apps faster and easier.

More Reliable Data Backup & Recovery

IaaS gives you exceptional support for backing up and storing your company’s critical data. We can make it easier to:

  • Meet Compliance Standards for your Industry
  • Avoid Legal Penalties
  • Ensure Business Continuity.

Enhanced Big Data & Analytics Capabilities

IaaS enables you to integrate, analyze and manage all of your data more effectively. ISBS’s solution works with numerous platforms.

Reduced Expenses

Setting up and maintaining your own data center can cost a lot of money. IaaS allows you to avoid those expenses and put more funds towards growth opportunities.

Greater Focus on Business

Our solution lets you sidestep the time that goes into setting up servers and data centers in-house. Consequently, you’ll be able to devote more time and attention to activities that drive your business.

More Cloud Computing Solutions

ISBS offers other superior cloud computing solutions:

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