3D Supplies

Exceptional Supplies for Revolutionary Printing

At ISBS, we're committed to delivering innovative technologies that let our clients maximize their productivity. Our supplies for 3D printing is a perfect case in point.

With our 3D supplies, you can jewelry, toys, machine parts and many other types of products. You can literally add another dimension to your workplace's printing capabilities.

Why Buy 3D Supplies from ISBS?

ISBS has invested considerable time and resources into our 3D printing offerings. This ensures that you'll get the best available materials at competitive prices. Not only that, we offer you the same fast, reliable delivery for our 3D supplies that you get for our 2D products.

What You Can Make with ISBS's 3D Supplies

You can melt down ISBS's 3D supplies to create a wide range of items. These include:

  • Jewelry
  • Gears & Machine Parts
  • Toys
  • Models & Prototypes

We can supply you with 3D printing materials in over 20 colors. You can produce objects using:

  • ABS plastic
  • PLA plastic
  • Nylon

ISBS's 3D Printers

ISBS's stock of 3D printers are extremely user-friendly and create the products you need with exceptional efficiency. See our 3D Printers page to learn more.

More Office Supplies

ISBS can give you more than 24,000 products to keep your office focused on business. Click the links below to check out our other available supplies:


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