Video Surveillance

CCTV Camera front of office building

Get Exceptional Protection for Your Company

With ISBS’s stock of video surveillance equipment, you can monitor and protect your property from anywhere. Our diverse selection of network cameras can connect to the internet and any other type of IP network. Not only that, they come with first-rate analytics features like:

  • Motion detection
  • Audio detection
  • Alarm tampering

Available Video Surveillance Products

ISBS’s available video surveillance products include:

Fixed Network Cameras

Our fixed network cameras give you stunning image quality and cost-effectiveness. Once you mount it, it’ll stay locked on wherever you want it. Several models let you zoom in and swap lenses. You can also take advantage of housings designed for outdoor use.

Fixed Dome Network Cameras

Fixed dome network cameras let you catch intruders off-guard thanks to their unobtrusive designs. They can also help deter criminals and unauthorized people, since their casings make it hard to see exactly where the lenses are pointed.

PTZ Cameras

Pan/tilt/zoom cameras (or “PTZ cameras”) can cover a wide area and let you spot precise details too. You can operate them yourself or use preset movements.

Covert Cameras

We offer covert cameras that let you see what people are doing when they think you’re not looking.

Thermal Network Cameras

Thermal network cameras sense the heat that people and objects give off. This allows you to see even when it’s completely dark and spot suspicious activity anytime.

Panoramic Cameras

Panoramic cameras let you see anywhere between 180° and 360°. These devices are ideal for a wide range of spaces and businesses, including:

  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • University campuses
  • Parking lots

HD & Megapixel Cameras

ISBS also offers cameras with megapixel and HDTV technology, which gives you three times higher image resolution than standard CCTV models. This enables you to identify people and objects better.

Outdoor Cameras

We can provide you with a selection of cameras designed to withstand dust, humidity and other rough conditions. You can place them outside and trust that they won’t get damaged or broken.

More Communication & Security Solutions

ISBS has many more solutions to help you protect your business and work better everyday:

  • Our Phone Systems deliver high-quality, flexible, reliable communications.
  • Our Door Access Systems enable you to track and regulate what people do in your office.

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