Phone Systems

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Gain Exceptional Communications Capabilities

ISBS offers advanced, cost-effective IP phone systems that can optimize your company’s ability to communicate.

Available Phone System Editions

ISBS has different IP phone system packages to meet the communication needs of a variety of offices:

Essential Edition

With the Essential Edition, you’ll get everything you’d need for a solid, reliable communications system. This includes:

  • IP Hardphones and Softphones
  • A Built-In Conference Bridge Application
  • Integrated Messaging
  • Call Center Capabilities
  • NetFortris

You’ll be able to stay in touch with vendors, customers, co-workers and anyone else you may need to speak to.

Preferred Edition

Our Preferred Edition gives you all the features of the Essential Edition but ten times the voice messaging capacity. You’ll gain the ability to handle and route dozens of calls simultaneously.

Advanced Edition

Clients with especially high communication demands can benefit from our Advanced Edition. We can help you achieve maximum productivity through award-winning SMB telephone systems.

Benefits of ISBS’s Phone Systems

The fantastic benefits you’ll see from ISBS’s available phone systems include:

Improved Customer Service

You’ll have the power to interact with customers and resolve their issues better. You’ll improve your service levels and enhance your brand.

Increased Productivity

Our phone systems enable you to get more work done both in the office and out.

Reduced Operating Costs

By utilizing your company’s internet area network, ISBS’s phone systems can allow you to lower your company’s expenses. You can add more users effortlessly and save yourself the headaches that come with installing and maintaining phone lines.

More Communication & Security Solutions

ISBS has other communications and security solutions to help improve your operations:

To discuss how any of our solutions can benefit your organization,