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Cloud services technology in today's modern office allows your business some tremendous advantages. ISBS’s cloud computing services bring those advantages to you. Today, we can bring your office amazing access to flexible and affordable IT resources. Your business no longer needs to invest huge amounts of money on heavy and fragile hardware as well as the management and energy to keep that equipment running.

Cloud Computing Services in Chicago

The "Cloud" refers to software and solutions that you can access through the internet. These systems run within their own particular environment on physical servers. This environment is called a "virtual machine." 

Virtual machines get resources from a server like hard drive space, CPUs and memory. They allow you to back up critical data and perform essential tasks without all of the headaches and expenses that come with maintaining your own servers and other systems.

More on ISBS's Cloud Computing Solutions

For details on ISBS's available cloud computing solutions, go to the following pages:

Software/Application as a Service (SaaS, AaaS)

Our SaaS solution makes it effortless to move your data to the cloud. This will allow you to:

  • Devote more in-house manpower to activities that can drive your profits
  • Make your business more agile and able to meet various challenges
  • Reach previously unattainable levels of productivity

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Our IaaS solution gives you powerful, cloud-based support for your software and OS. We can help you:

  • Develop, test and get applications to market faster
  • Handle web hosting for your company in an easier and more cost-effective manner
  • Backup and protect your important data
  • Meet compliance for your industry’s regulations and standards
  • Integrate and analyze that data more effectively

Cloud Storage and Backup

ISBS also offers an outstanding cloud backup and disaster recovery solution. Its features include:

  • Efficient deduplication of data blocks, which saves time and money that goes into backup
  • Powerful encryption as your data is transmitted and stored
  • Options for moving data backups offsite at different intervals
  • Frequent updates to your backups, which ensure that nothing gets lost

Managed Cloud Services

ISBS also offers managed services to help your company optimize its network and systems:

To discuss how any of our solutions and services can enhance your operations,