Multifunction Copiers

Multifunction Printers

Multifunction Copiers for Chicago Businesses

Multifunction printers save time and money for businesses who take advantage of the technology that these devices offer. ISBS's top priority is helping clients become more productive. Our multifunction copiers (or MFPs) do just that by becoming the features of several machines in one. If you are a Chicago office wanting to streamline printing tasks with an efficient workhorse that will benefit your team, contact us today!

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Benefits of ISBS’s Multifunction Printers and Copiers

With ISBS’s multifunction printers and copiers, you get:

Fast, Vivid Prints & Copies

It only takes a few seconds for these devices to warm up and start churning out prints. They can deliver dozens of prints and copies in color or B&W within minutes. Not only that, their high dpi resolutions ensure that your images have sharp details and your text has no fuzzy edges.

Accurate Document Scanning

In addition to printing and copying, our MFPs have excellent document scanner capabilities. You can capture your paper files and convert them to encrypted PDFs, JPEGs, emails and other formats and locations.

Enhanced Collaboration Capabilities

ISBS’s MFPs make it much easier for you to collaborate with others too. After you’ve scanned a document, you can:

  • Save them on your Document Management Systems
  • Email them to someone working offsite
  • Send them to others via internet fax
  • Save it on a USB drive or SD card

Reliable Document Security

Your business can’t afford to have its information fall into the wrong hands. Our MFPs have features that allow you to keep the wrong people from accessing your sensitive documents. You can set up passcodes or an ID card reader.

You can also require people to personally release print jobs at the device. This will prevent someone from snatching up documents that are just sitting in the output tray.

Reduced Power Usage & Exceptional Sustainability

ISBS’s equipment qualifies for programs like Energy Star and EPEAT, which recognize energy-efficient and sustainable technology. You can lower your power bill and your carbon footprint just by using our available machines.

More Office Technologies & Supplies

ISBS has many more types of office equipment to help you get work done:

Click the links for more details.

  • Our standalone Laser Printers and Document Scanners are great options for people who just need to print or scan documents.
  • Our Large Format Printers allow you to print larger documents like blueprints.
  • Our Production Printing solutions give you the ability to add multiple finishing options to large print jobs.
  • Our Mobile Print/Scan solutions let you print and scan documents from your tablet or smartphone.
  • Cloud Computing technologies are modern advancements for today's office workers to stay connected.
  • SaaS makes it easy for you to transition to the cloud, which can create fantastic opportunities for productivity.

If you’d like to discuss how our MFPs can help you reach exceptional productivity levels, contact our Chicago office today to talk with our staff.