Workflow Automation

Document Management In Chicago

Document Management in Chicago

Document management solutions and policies for your Chicago area business allows your staff to get as much work done as possible. Your office needs the ability to observe processes and make changes when necessary. ISBS’s document management systems and workflow automation solutions let you do just that.

Details of ISBS’s Workflow Automation Solution

With ISBS’s workflow automation solution, processing your company’s forms and information becomes a smooth, streamlined affair. We give you the ability to:

Create Workflows Easily

You can use a web-based platform to map out steps in the lifecycle of your documents. Our solution’s drag-and-drop interface allows you create and organize points in a given workflow with minimal effort.

Our solution makes it easy to link activities in a workflow based on user input and logic. You can trust that you’ll know which precise step follows which.

Create Queues and Security Parameters

With ISBS’s workflow automation solution, you can set up queues and security parameters for different users as well. This allows you to boost your efficiency, ensure adherence to company policies and meet compliance for information privacy.

Set Up Notifications

Our solution can help ensure that everyone stays in the loop and on task too. You can schedule automatic notifications once a particular point in a workflow is reached. Employees will know exactly when they need to take action.

Gather and Analyze Info on Your Processes

As documents move through your workflows, you can gather data on your processes at the same time. You’ll be able to see how long different steps take, which can help you fine-tune them.

Automated Capture Solution

ISBS also has resources designed specifically for your scanning processes. Our automated capture solution allows you to extract data, ensure its accuracy and route it with exceptional efficiency. Check out our page on Automated Capture for more details.

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