Automated Capture

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Get Exceptional Scanning Efficiency with Automated Capture

Document capture is an essential process for many businesses today. ISBS’s automated capture solution lets you streamline that process and maximize your efficiency.

Details of ISBS’s Automated Capture Solution

With ISBS’s document scanners and automated capture solution, you can:

Capture Your Files

You’ll be able to capture documents from almost any source, regardless of whether it’s in the office or out. This includes:

Set Up Classification Criteria

Our solution allows you to classify documents as you’re capturing them. Setting up and adjusting different classification criteria takes almost no time at all.

Get Fast, Accurate Data Extraction and Validation

Once you’ve scanned a document, our solution can extract characters, barcodes and other data with impressive speed and reliability. You’ll be able to edit and search the data on your converted documents easily. Our solution also includes sophisticated validation controls to prevent any errors in your captured documents.

Our solution doesn’t just extract info from your scanned documents either. You can extract data from your emails for easy searching and fast retrieval too.

Route and Store Your Digital Documents

After you’ve scanned documents and converted them to different digital formats, you can send them where they need to go instantly. You can set up email notifications to ensure that people know you’ve sent them something that requires their attention.

Our automated capture solution makes it simpler to store your scanned files too. It integrates with most document management solutions and document scanners, eliminating any roadblocks in your storage processes.

Workflow Automation Solution

In addition to automated capture, ISBS has a solution for workflow automation. You’ll gain the ability to tighten up your processes, meet compliance easier and keep coworkers on point and up to speed. Check out our Workflow Automation page to learn more.

To discuss how our automated capture solution can improve your scanning processes,