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Cloud Storage Solutions in Chicago

Cloud Storage Chicago Offices Rely On For Data Backups

Local Chicago businesses are turning to solutions for cloud storage with backup and disaster recovery. If your important data is lost or stolen, it can spell disaster for your company. Scalable and managed file cloud storage opens up a whole new world of data protection and organization. Additionally, it allows easy access if you're working remotely. 

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery from ISBS

ISBS’s cloud backup and disaster recovery solution give you such exceptional features as:

  • Fast Data Deduplication

Our solution analyzes data blocks quickly and eliminates duplicates, saving you time, space and money. You can trust that all of your important data will be stored efficiently and reliably.

  • Cloud Storage and Data Replication

Your data will get replicated and stored off-site. 256-bit encryption ensures that no one can access or steal your data while it’s being transmitted or at rest. Many companies today rely on a cloud storage system like this to keep prying eyes off sensitive data.

  • Offsite Vaulting

ISBS also offers you the option of copying your data on your own and moving the backups offsite at monthly or annual intervals. This can be a good choice for organizations with complicated policies for data retention and/or limited budgets.

  • Backup for Cloud Services

Clients using a SaaS solution can benefit from backup and disaster recovery too. We can help guard against data loss caused by human error.

  • Continuous Updating

ISBS’s solution backs up servers and checks for new files and changes every few minutes. This ends up saving you time in the long run.

  • Instant Data/Configuration Replacement

When the absolute worst happens at your office, ISBS helps you get back on your feet. We can store your most recent settings and data into special emergency units. If your systems suddenly go down, we can get these units to your location the following business day.

More Cloud Computing Solutions

ISBS has other cloud computing solutions to help your company operate better:

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