Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services in Chicago

Managed Print Services Chicago 

Managed Print Services with ISBS in Chicago, can help you easily optimize your printing and document-related processes. The more efficiently your office and network are set to capture, share and secure documents, the faster your staff can operate. This ensures your printer fleet will be up and operational and that avoids downtime that could potentially bring work to a standstill.


Components of ISBS's Managed Print Services

ISBS's Managed Print Services give you:

Supplies Management

You'll never need to worry about supplies ever again with ISBS's Auto Toner Replenishment System. Imagine never again having to frantically look for a new toner cartridge and wondering if you have the right one in stock. We can monitor your toner levels remotely and replenish your stock based on coverage rates and how much you typically use. We keep your delivery or routing information on file and eliminate the risk of:

  • Mis-orders
  • Overnight orders
  • "Rogue" buying
  • Running out of supplies when you most need them

Proactive Service Monitoring

Managed Print Services (MPS) from Chicago based ISBS offers you remote monitoring for your entire printer fleet. You'll get real-time alerts on:

  • Paper jams and other non-critical errors
  • Critical device errors

In the event of critical errors, we'll dispatch a service tech to your location proactively. We also assess the frequency of non-critical errors and minimize them through preventative maintenance. The bottom line is that you have someone in your corner who is constantly staying engaged to make sure office downtime is minimized. And less downtime means more productivity.

Help Desk/Dispatch

When you have trouble with your printer fleet, you can call ISBS's help desk. We give you:

  • Access to courteous, highly trained, certified technicians
  • Fast, online resolution for your issues whenever possible
  • Prompt onsite support for issues that can't be resolved remotely

Process Improvement

ISBS's printing specialists can show you how to:

  • Increase the efficiency of your printing processes
  • Improve the security of your documents through features like Hold Print and Private Print
  • Take advantage of Follow-me Printing, which lets you print from any enabled onsite or offsite device
  • Meet compliance standards for your industry easier
  • Set up an integrated cloud environment for faster document scanning and routing

Cost Containment

In addition to improving your processes, we can show you how to operate more cost-effectively. With our help, you can:

  • Prevent unnecessary or incorrect toner purchases
  • Develop strategies for reducing print volumes
  • Lower printing costs through document routing
  • Reduce wasteful printing and related expenses
  • Forecast your monthly budget easier

Assessment Process

One important element of MPS is our assessment process, which involves:

  • Establishing the goals and objectives of your service
  • Reviewing your current printing processes
  • Developing a "Move Forward" strategy
  • Analyzing and optimizing your printer usage
  • Finding ways to minimize your energy and paper consumption

Online Resources

MPS from ISBS gives you access to LYNC (stands for "Linking Your Networked Copiers"). This web-based solution allows you to proactively monitor, manage and maintain all of the printers and copiers in your workplace. It's easy to set up your account and take advantage of:

  • Supplies Management Tracking (includes supply replenishment dates and UPS tracking info)
  • Service Ticketing
  • Knowledge Base for Service Errors

Quarterly Business Reviews

MPS also helps you achieve ongoing sustainability through quarterly business reviews. These reviews cover:

  • A review of your office's devices according to volume, service requirements and cost
  • Ongoing collaboration (includes strategies for reducing print volumes and consolidating, redeploying or replacing devices)
  • Setting goals and objectives for upcoming quarters

To discuss how our Managed Print Services can help you achieve exceptional productivity,