Communication & Security

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Exceptional Phone, Data & Security Solutions

Communications and security are vital components of any company’s operations. ISBS has great solutions for both. See these pages for more details:

Phone Systems

We offer a variety of IP phone systems to help you communicate with customers and coworkers better. You can handle dozens of users and calls with exceptional ease.

Door Access Systems

ISBS has sophisticated door access systems that enable you to monitor activity and protect your assets. You can track the movements of employees and visitors in your workplace and prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas.

Video Surveillance

ISBS can also provide you with a diverse range of video surveillance equipment. This includes:

  • Fixed dome network cameras
  • PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Thermal cameras

Other Office Technologies and Supplies

We have many more office technologies to improve how you operate every day:

  • Multifunction Copiers combine the features of numerous pieces of office equipment. You can print, scan, copy and fax/email documents from one machine.
  • Laser Printers deliver sharp text and gorgeous pictures on page after page.
  • 3D Printers give you the power to create machine parts, jewelry, and other products in-house.
  • Production Prints are ideal for clients who need exceptionally high-quality and volumes for their documents.
  • Large Format Printers give you finely detailed blueprints and other larger documents quickly.
  • Document Scanners allow you to convert physical documents to digital files efficiently.
  • Mobile Print/Scan solutions expand your ability to get work done both in the office and out.
  • Interactive Whiteboards make sharing and presenting content easier.

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