August 27th Webinar on Return to Work Essentials cloud solution

Join us August 27th at 11:30 for a webinar on a very relevant solution. Registration link:

Return to Work Essentials
Your Cloud Hosted Resource for
Reopening Safely and Securely
By using Return to Work Essentials, you’ll:
After being closed or remote for months, you are eager to reopen your office. It is time to
start focusing on the successful operation of your business. The challenge: How to reopen
safely and securely?
A Touchless Health Screening Solution
Square 9's Return to Work Essentials is a cloud hosted, completely touchless health
screening solution to help you create a safe workplace for your employees, customers and
visitors. Using this solution, you can screen anyone entering your facility through a few
simple steps to ensure the status of their health while limiting the spread of infection.
Safeguarding Personal Data
As an employer, it is important that you maintain all information regarding health as a
confidential record in compliance with applicable laws. Return to Work Essentials has got
you covered. The information captured, including temperature readings, will be stored in a
HIPAA compliant repository ensuring you’re safeguarding personal data.
Protecting Your Business
As an added safeguard for your business, Return to Work Essentials includes an optional
waiver of liability. The waiver can be signed at the same time as the health screening process
to offer you extra protection against unwarranted claims.
Limit the exposure of your
employees to outside threats
Protect against unwarranted
liability claims
Securely collect and export
invaluable transmission