Document Management

Stack of documents on desk, with laptop in background

Capture and Process Your Documents with Exceptional Speed

How efficiently you process, route and retrieve your documents can have a great impact on your company’s overall productivity. ISBS’s document management solutions let you do all of the above faster than ever before. See these pages for more details:

Workflow Automation

With ISBS’s workflow automation solution, you can:

  • Create and organize workflow steps with a drag-and-drop interface
  • Connect various activities according to logic
  • Set up queues, security parameters and notifications for different users to ensure compliance and productivity

Automated Capture

ISBS also offers a first-rate automated capture solution. It gives you the ability to:

  • Capture documents from an extremely wide range of sources, including MFPs, emails and network directories
  • Extract and validate data from your captured documents with exceptional efficiency and accuracy
  • Search and edit your converted documents easily
  • Distribute your electronic documents to various locations quickly

Managed IT Services

People interested in our document management solutions may also benefit from our managed IT services:

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