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Wide Format Printers in Chicago

Wide Format Printers Chicago Offices Can Depend On

Wide format printers are necessary if your Chicago office staff relies on larger documents like CAD drawings, posters and blueprints. Our premium Ricoh wide format printers will be a perfect fit for your business. These devices offer an unprecedented amount of flexibility and quality that your staff can rely on. Art studios, architects, engineers as well as other business professionals are the focus of these advanced and impressive machines.

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What You Get with our Chicago Wide Format Printers

  • Impressive Printing Speed, Convenience, and Details

Larger prints don’t necessarily mean longer print times. It takes only a few minutes for our wide format printers to give you several pages in color or black-and-white. You can print from your desktops, a USB drive or an SD card.

Our devices also deliver the quality you need reliably. Their high dpi resolutions ensure that your prints have precise details and gorgeous colors. Features like image preview let you check documents for quality and accuracy before you even print them.

  • On-board high-GB hard disk drives and RAM

These large printers come equipped with a very large amount of memory, which allow you to save thousands of files at a given time. You’ll have the ability to pull up documents and distribute them or make reprints faster. All of that means a more efficient and time-saving work environment.

  • Powerful Security Features

Our devices also have a variety of security features to protect your sensitive information. These include:

  • HDD Encryption
  • DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS)
  • Password Protection
  • Restrictions on device access and usage

You can ensure that people won’t use your equipment inappropriately or steal your documents.

Ricoh Wide Format Printer

Wide Format Copying and Scanning Capabilities

Not only do our wide format devices give you great original prints, but they also give you copies of equal or better quality too.

Some of our available hardware has scanning capabilities as well. You’ll be able to save your large-sized documents and share them easily.

Energy-Efficient, Eco-Friendly Designs

Our equipment comes with features like low power and sleep modes to help you use less energy. These help our wide format printers qualify for the Energy Star and EPEAT programs.

More Office Technologies

ISBS has many more office technologies to help you increase productivity:

  • Our Laser Printers give you excellent, standard-size documents efficiently.
  • Our Multifunction Copiers let you do the work of several machines with just one.
  • Our 3D Printers let you produce machine parts and other products.
  • Our Mobile Print/Scan solutions enhance your office’s capabilities.
  • Cloud computing used for backup and disaster recovery makes sure your company data is always there no matter what happens.

To discuss how our wide format printers can provide you with great-looking larger documents,